Innergie PowerJoy Go Pro 24

24-watt Dual USB Car Charger


Deskripsi Produk
Dual USB ports 4.8A Output
Smart Device Detection for High Speed Charging
Great Compatibility for Android/iOS
InnerShield Power Protection

In The Box
PowerJoy Go Pro 24
*USB cable is not included.

Rp. 390,000



Smart Charging in Your Car

The PowerJoy Go Pro 24 car charger's two 2.4A USB ports with Smart Detection technology cannot only charge two power-hungry tablets at once, but do it without compromising speed. This stylishly svelte charger delivers fast power safely, making it an ideal way to charge your mobile devices as you drive.
Charging efficiency doubled

Two USB ports with integrated Smart Detection chips each provide 2.4A of current, enabling you to charge two high-capacity mobile devices at the fastest possible clip. What's more, charging two devices at once won't slow down the charging of either, doubling your efficiency.

Charging with smarts

Chip-based Smart Detection technology automatically identifies the type of device attached and supplies the optimal level of current and voltage for charging. That way you get the fastest possible charging.

Terrific compatibility

The PowerJoy Go Pro 24 works with virtually any device that charges over USB, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android phones and tablets. It's the only charger you need to keep all your mobile devices powered up when you're on the go.

Ready for popular car models

Support for the most popular car models means it's the height of simplicity to plug the PowerJoy Go Pro 24 in for easy in-car charging even when used in multiple cars.

Easy portability

With its light, compact design, the PowerJoy Go Pro 24 is easy to carry and doesn't add clutter to your car's interior. It's the go-to charger for road trips, daily commutes, and any other driving scenario.

InnerShield Power Protection

With Innergie’s InnerShield™ Protection Technology, all of your devices are protected from over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, over-power and short-circuiting, giving you stable power and peace of mind.

GreenSense Technology

We incorporate cutting edge technology in our products to make them more energy-efficient. Because saving energy helps save our planet, and our GreenSense technology helps keep our world green.

Extended Warranty

All Innergie series provide an industrial leading 3-year limited warranty as a safeguard and guarantee of product quality.

Tops in Safety 

All Innergie products, like all products manufactured by Delta, are covered by product liability insurance with a USD1 million limit, providing even greater peace of mind when in use.



DC Input
12V DC / 2.4A

USB Port
2 USBs

USB Output
5V DC/2.4A (Each)

Output Power

Dimensions (L × W × H)
51.2 × 25.2 × 23.5mm / 2 × 1 × 0.9 inches

Weight* (Body Only)
22.5 g / 0.79 oz.

* Weight excluding cables & accessories (+/- 10g)

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