Baseus Gravity Car Mount Bracket



Deskripsi Produk
Horizontal Flat Structure
Gravity Ganged
Not Block Air Outlets
Anti-slip Silicone
The new bright matte metal is unfading, beautiful and more durable

Harga Normal Rp. 100,000

Rp. 92,000



Baseus Clamp (SUYL-HU01)

Baseus Mr Hui Gravity - universal sliding car holder; for mobile devices with a display diagonal of 4'' to 7'' (smartphone width from 6.3 cm to 8.8 cm, thickness - less than 1 cm).


Thanks to the mechanism, your phone will be securely fixed on the holder.
The principle of its operation is extremely simple. The smartphone is fixed due to its own weight, pressing on the lower edge of the mount and setting in motion two side latches that clamp the phone on the sides. The rounded edges of the locking mechanism ensure secure fastening. You can be sure that the phone will stay in place, even when driving over bumps.

Stability and Adjustment

There is a special functional hole in the lower fixing edge that allows you to charge the gadget without pulling it out of the holder. It is installed in the ventilation grille of the car using a special clip. Thanks to this design, you can install your smartphone at an angle convenient for you and fix it with a stopper.


Thanks to the soft silicone tabs on the inside of the holder clips, the mobile device does not slip or scratch. The clips of the holder are made of aluminum alloy, and the inner wall of the holder is covered with a small layer of artificial leather.

Horizontal Flat Structure: The horizontal telescopic design will extend automatically when putting down a phone and retract when picking it up.

Gravity Ganged: The clamp extends and retracts automatically with the gravity of a phone and firmly fixes the phone

Metal Design: The new bright matte metal is unfading, beautiful and more durable

Not Block Air Outlets: It is applicable to all types of vehicles without blocking the vision and air outlets, plug-and-play

Bahan: Metal+ABS

Suitable: For 4.7-6.5 Inch Phones

Color: BLack

Suitable: 5.4-6.7 inches
Material (NEW Type): ABS+Silicone

Modle: Gravity Car Phone Holder

Suitable locations: Car air outlets

Anti-slip Silicone: Enhance friction and prev

Suitable Location: Car Air Outlets

Compatible with:

Android/iOS mobile phones



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