Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Starter Pack

Case and Travel Adapater


Deskripsi Produk
More grip against drops and bumps
Connect functional Samsung accessories
ECO friendly material (UL certified)

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Rp. 629,000


Start with the Galaxy Z Flip5 Starter Pack
This bundle has exactly what you need to get acquainted with the Galaxy Z Flip5. The package includes a Clear Gadget Case and a Power Adapter for Super Fast Charging, so you can make the most of your device.

*Simulated image for illustrative purposes. **Color and model availability may vary by country or region. *** The Galaxy Z Flip5 Starter Pack consists of a Power Adapter for Super Fast Charging (25W) and a Clear Gadget Case. ****Super Fast Charging (SFC) is Samsung's Power Delivery (PD) 3.0 charging method.

Your phone is completely unique
With all the options you can choose from, such as holders, straps, stands, etc., you can completely tailor your phone to your wishes and needs. Be guided by your personal taste and go for a unique phone that suits you completely.

*Branded accessories and functional accessories are sold separately. **Accessory range and availability of colours, models and finishes may vary by country.

Transparent protection, clear conscience
The case has a clear, transparent design that protects your Galaxy Z Flip5 well and shows it off to its fullest. The case is designed with respect for the planet.

*Simulated image for illustrative purposes. **Availability of colours, sizes and models may vary by country or region. ***Actual UX/UI may vary.

Easy to change gadgets
With a transparent case, you're spoiled for choice in all kinds of gadgets. Choose the add-ons that suit your need or mood, whether you want to take great photos or watch your favorite videos hands-free.

*The gadgets that you can use as a stand or for better grip are removable and interchangeable and are included. **Actual UX/UI may vary.

Always live thanks to Super Fast Charging
Give your devices the powerful charging support they deserve. The Power Adapter for Super Fast Charging (25W) provides Super Fast Charging up to 25W for compatible devices. Use the Power Adapter with an official Samsung Type C to Type C charging cable for optimal results.

*Actual charging time may also vary based on usage, charging conditions, connected device and other factors. **Depending on factors such as device type, cable, and charging conditions, the device may not charge properly. ***Super Fast Charging (SFC) is Samsung's charging method based on Power Delivery (PD) 3.0 using the included Samsung Power Adapter .

Compatible Models
Galaxy Z Flip5

General Feature
Packaging Contents

Clear Gadget Case, Wall Charger

Physical specification
Dimension (WxHxD)

75.0 x 168.1 x 19.6 mm
37 g

Compatible Models
Super Fast Charging 25W compatible with Galaxy S10 5G, A80, A70 and future compatible devices
Super Fast Charging max. 25W, PD 3.0 PPS max. 25W
USB Type-C
Dimension (WxHxD)
50.25 x 68.75 x 27.21 mm
69.4 g
Input Voltage
100-240 V
Output Voltage (Max, Normal Charge)
5 V
Output Voltage (Max, Fast Charge)
PDO : 9 V / PPS : 3.3-5.9 V or 3.3-11.0 V
Output Current (Max, Normal Charge)
3 A
Output Current (Max, Fast Charge)
PDO : 2.77 A(9 V) / PPS : 3.0 A(3.3-5.9 V) or 2.25 A(3.3-11.0 V)

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