Samsung 45W Power Adapter

with USB-C to USB-C 5A Cable


Deskripsi Produk
Compatible with USB Type-C Cables
Super Fast Charging 2.0 max. 45W, PD 3.1 PDO/PPS max. 45W
Protection from overcurrent, short circuits and high temperature

Harga Normal Rp. 549,000

Rp. 499,000


Supercharge your devices
The 45W Power Adapter is your companion for rapid charging and high efficiency. Designed with precision to seamlessly integrate with your Samsung Galaxy devices, this power adapter ensures that your device stays powered up wherever your day takes you.
A black USB Type-C adapter has green streaks around it indicating super fast charging. The text 45W is above the cable in green.

* Super Fast Charging (SFC) 2.0 requires a USB Power Delivery (PD) 3.0 compatible device supporting Direct Charging. Devices lacking USB PD 3.0 standard or Direct Charging will charge slower than SFC speed. Charging speed varies based on usage patterns, conditions, connected devices, and other factors. Charging performance may be affected by device model, cable quality, and environment. To optimize results, use genuine Samsung 5A cables provided in the original packaging. Compatibility with additional devices can expand over time.

Power down with standby power
The 45W Power Adapter boasts low standby power consumption, below 5mw, reducing unnecessary standby power. Smart IC technology helps reduce power consumption during standby.
A blue line circles several Galaxy devices standing upright: a Galaxy Tab S7+, Galaxy Fold3, Galaxy S21+, Galaxy Watch4, Galaxy Flip3 and Galaxy Buds2. In front, a 45W Power Adapter Trio finishes the blue circle.
* Low standby power consumption, ensuring consumption remains below 5mW when not in active use.

Safe and stable can be fast and powerful too.
Give your Galaxy devices the stable and secure power source they deserve. Under normal use coditions, this charger provides protection against hazards such as overcurrent, short circuits, temperature fluctuations, and so much more.
The 45W Power adapter stands on its end with the plug facing up in front of a green illustrated shield. On the right, there are 6 safety icons with text below each one: Overcurrent protection, Temperature protection, Robust Noise Immunity, Short circuit protection, Low noise operation, Low leakage current.

*Internally tested under global testing standards. Independently assessed by TÜV SÜD or CTK Korea between 2021.10.1~21.10.31.**This 45W adapter has been certified by the relevant authority in each country where the product is sold.***For further information of test equipment or regulations of each country, please visit Contact US menu on

Power your devices safely
The 45W Power Adapter provides protection against overcurrent, overheating and short circuits, providing a worry-free charging experience. Power your devices safely, knowing they're protected.

The top part of a black Power Adapter is shown. Three icons with the text 'Super Fast Charging 2.0', 'Recycled materials', 'Wide compatibility' are on top of the Power Adapter.



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