Micabone 7.2 Underwater Dome

for GoPro Hero5 / Hero6


Deskripsi Produk
Underwater dome port for GoPro HERO5 / HERO6 cameras, Ideal for underwater photos.

Ideal for snorkeling, not recommended for deep diving
Dome made of scratch-resistant acrylic
Waterproof casing locks camera securely in place
Size: 7.2 by 4 inches
Weighs: 0.81 pounds
Dome: Durable acrylic glass

Harga Normal Rp. 899,000

Rp. 599,000



Enjoy Taking Split Photos Underwater

Ideal for snorkeling or swimming pools, the transparent dome port makes it possible to capture distortion-free split photos, whether positioned completely below the surface of water or half above and half below the surface for an extra-spectacular perspective.


Scratch-Resistant Dome

Made of durable acrylic, the camera accessory’s dome provides optimal transparency and long-lasting, scratch-resistant performance. Its waterproof casing locks your GoPro camera securely in place, keeping it dry and protected, and a cleaning cloth comes included for wiping down the dome as needed.

User-Friendly Controls

In addition to providing a watertight seal, the underwater dome port’s waterproof casing offers two external buttons. Press one button to start or stop camera shooting. Press the other button to change the camera’s settings while it’s in the casing. The underwater dome port also includes a handy wrist strap and a floating handle with a rubberized grip for a secure hold.


Underwater dome port for GoPro HERO5 / HERO6 cameras
Ideal for snorkeling, not recommended for deep diving
Makes it easy to take distortion-free photos under the water or split underwater photos
Dome made of scratch-resistant acrylic
Waterproof casing locks camera securely in place
2 external buttons for starting/stopping shooting or for changing camera settings while in casing
Includes floating handle (with thumb screw and rubberized grip), wrist strap, carabiner, cleaning cloth, wrench, and user manual
Dome measures approximately 7.2 by 4 inches; handle measures approximately 1.6 by 6 inches; weighs approximately 0.81 pounds
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