Blueo Protective glass 2.5D Dustproof

5.4 Inch for iP 12 Mini


Deskripsi Produk
Ultra thin: only 0.26mm
Strength class: 9H
2.5D rounded edges
High sensitivity
Speaker dust protection
Oleophobic coating, non-fingerprint

Protective glass (transparent)
Sticky sticker

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Ultra-thin, full-screen BLUEO protective glass for iPhone 12 mini with dust protection. The combination of Japanese materials from Asahi Glass provides maximum display resolution, high impact resistance, hardness and unsurpassed touch sensitivity. Instead of the usual hole for the speaker, a protective mesh has been added to the glass structure, which prevents dust and other foreign particles from entering the smartphone speaker. The oleophobic coating on the glass significantly reduces fingerprints and other contaminants.

To provide reliable protection for iPhone 12 mini without changing the appearance of the smartphone, Blueo 2.5D tempered glass Dustproof full cover with a protective mesh is the best way to help. This unique premium quality glass is created using innovative technologies that make it ultra thin and durable at the same time. Instead of the usual hole for the speaker, a protective mesh has been added to the glass structure, which prevents foreign particles from entering the smartphone speaker. Such an accessory will protect the display from dirt, scratches, chips and other damage. 

The basis for the production of glass was a material of Japanese origin, High Aluminum Silicon, which is flexible and durable. Glasses based on it are extremely strong and at the same time thin, and they also do not crumble when damaged.
Appearance. Made from completely transparent material, this protective glass covers the entire front of the gadget, while repeating even the smallest contours of the iPhone 12 mini. This not only simplifies the glass installation process, but also does not change the sensitivity of the touch screen. At the same time, brightness and clarity remain unchanged, which is achieved by the presence of anti-glare technology in the accessory.
Guaranteed protection. For the production of Blueo 2.5D Dustproof full cover, a high-strength shockproof coating was used, which will reliably protect the equipment from scratches and other defects. At the same time, the glass has a small thickness and weight, which does not affect the comfort of using the smartphone.
The oleophobic coating will prevent fingerprints, dirt and grease marks.
The glass exactly matches in all physical parameters with the iPhone 12 mini, has all the necessary notches and holes and creates the effect of the integrity of the screen.

With the protective glass Blueo 2.5D Dustproof full cover, you will not have to worry about the safety of mobile equipment and its impeccable appearance. A special display cleaning kit is included in the package, with which it will be easy to ensure perfect cleanliness and remove sudden dirt.




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