Baseus Camera Lens Protector

iP15/ iP15 Plus


Deskripsi Produk
Integrated Design with Seamless Fit
Excellent Impact Shatter Resistance
High-hardness glass, better protection
Ultra-Thin Design As If Nothing Was on
Improved Installation Placement
Image Quality Unimpaired
Glare Repelling Design
Keep the Dust out

Harga Normal Rp. 99,000

Rp. 75,000




1. Integrated design
2. Impact & scratch resistant
3. High clarity
4. Seamless fit
5. Secure installation
6. Ultra-thin
Upgraded glass material, protect your lens from falling.
Special treatment for the surface, protects the lens from everyday scratches and scratches.
Higher light transmittance for better clarity with undistorted colors.
Reduces glare and will not affect the camera lens.
Specially made for camera lenses with a seamless fit, fits any phone case.
Quality glue ensures better installation with stronger adhesion.
Although very annoying, they can also be easily removed.
There is no adhesive on all four corners, just buckle and tear along the corners.
Only 0.2mm higher than the original lens, smooth with comfortable texture.
For iPhone 15/15 Plus   
Corning Individual glass lens protector
Which is more suitable for iPhone 15 lens protection.
This is an exclusive protection glass for iPhone screens.
Corning Baseus Series HD lens protector
Bezel-free-| Corning glass | Glare repellent
1:1 custom made for iPhone 15 lens with perfect fit.
All new upgraded design without bezel, as if nothing is on. 
Fits all phone cases with a comfortable fit.
With light transmittance of up to 95%, Corning Glass is widely used in camera lenses.

Image quality without damage

Corning glass with glare-reducing design for greater clarity,
Perfect for people who like taking pictures with their phones.

Excellent resistance to impacts and scratches
Protects lenses against everyday drops and scratches,
Save money you might spend on repairs.

No need to worry
Repeated use: Each lens protector can be removed for repeated use.
Removable glue: won't leave glue stains when you peel it off.
Strong adhesion: attaches narrower and more securely to the surface.

Product Specifications
1. Name: Baseus Corning Series HD Lens Protector
2. Material: Corning Glass
3. Craft: CNC Process
4. Color: clear
5. Thickness: 0.33mm
6. Applicable models: for iPhone 15/15Plus


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