Samsung Gear Fit 2 Small Blue

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Fits wrists 125 - 170 mm

GPS Sports Band
In a heartbeat
Tracking smarts
Your stats on display
Game face on
It's a fit with style
Sleek and discreet
Light comfort
Be fit together

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Spesifikasi Produk

GPS Sports Band
Woman’s running route is tracked by the GPS on the Gear Fit2 she’s wearing
Finally, a fitness band you can run with while your phone stays at home. The built-in GPS tracks your running route, distance and speed in real time with precision and dedication so you can go farther, better.

In a heartbeat

Get the most out of every workout with Gear Fit2's highly accurate heart rate monitor. Check when you're in the vigorous intensity zone to step up the intensity.

Tracking smarts
Use Gear Fit2 to carry out 1:1 competition between you and your friend to see who takes more steps
Get the right kind of stats right away with auto activity tracking. There's no need to tell your Gear Fit2 whether you're walking or on the rowing machine. It just knows.

Your stats on display
Data that includes the time, distance you’ve run, your target distance and heartrate are all on the 1.5 inch curved display of Gear Fit2
The Super AMOLED display is conveniently large enough so you can quickly check your stats mid-workout, without ever missing a beat.

Designed to be intuitive
The number of steps are shown clearly on the large Gear Fit2 display
The display interfaces are easy to understand and simple to navigate. Whether it's seeing how close you are to reaching your goals or just checking the time, the intuitive design makes it all a breeze.

Game face on
Several Gear Fit2s are lined up, each sporting a different type of watch face
Apply the Watch Face to have your current stats displayed in a most glanceable manner. Choose from a great selection of designs.

Fitness Widget
Different fitness widgets are on display on different gear fit2s
It's motivation around the clock with Fitness Widgets. They're designed to get you in a fitness frame of mind and to stay there.

It's a fit with style
Stylish person sporting a Gear Fit2
Gear Fit2's curved display wraps itself around your wrist. Its look is sleek in an unobtrusive way. It's the one constant of your style, day and night.

Sleek and discreet
Gear Fit2 in the colors pink, black and blue
Light comfort
Gear fit2 in color blue with display tilted downwards showing how light and flexible its band is
For a fitness band that packs a healthy punch in functionality, Gear Fit2 is delightfully light and easy to wear.

Be fit together
Friendly competition is a great motivator. Rise to the challenge. See who takes the most steps, and go farther together.
Results of 1:1 competition on Gear Fit2 display showing how many more steps the winner took

*Connection to mobile device is required. Only 1:1 competition with friends on S Health app is available and availability of feature may vary by country.

Galaxy S7 edge next to Gear Fit2 showing fitness and health stats synced from Gear Fit2
Gear Fit2 works with you every kilometer, every heartbeat, every step of the way. It also works with a wide range of smartphones.
Woman has just finished a workout session and is looking at her Galaxy S7 edge

*Compatible with Galaxy devices Android 4.3 and above that have minimum 1.5GB RAM, non-Galaxy devices Android 4.4 and above that have minimum 1.5GB RAM.


Teknologi Lokasi
802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
Bluetooth Version
Bluetooth v4.2

Sistem Operasi 

Teknologi (Main Display)
Curved Super AMOLED
Gear fit2 of size 51.2mm by 24.5mm seen from the front and from the side in small size and large size along with a closeup of the band
Ukuran (Main Display)
1.5" (38.6mm)
Resolusi (Main Display)
216 x 432
Kedalaman Warna (Main Display)

RAM Size (GB)
0.5 GB
ROM Size (GB)
4 GB
Available Memory (GB)
2 GB

Accelerometer,Barometer,Gyro Sensor,HR Sensor

Spesifikasi Fisik 
Weight 30g

Kapasitas Baterei Standar
Typical Usage Time
3~4 days
Low Usage Time
Up to 5 days

Audio dan Video 
Music Player & Library
Audio Playing Format

Aplikasi dan Layanan 
Notification Type
Additional Features
Auto Activity Tracking (Running, Walking, Cycling, Elliptical, Rowing machine, Sleep), Social Challenge (Steps Leaderboard, Steps Challenge)

*Memori pengguna kurang dari total memori karena penyimpanan sistem operasi dan perangkat lunak yang digunakan untuk mengoperasikan fitur perangkat. Memori pengguna yang aktual akan bervariasi tergantung pada operator dan dapat berubah setelah upgrade/peningkatan perangkat lunak dilakukan

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