Baseus Car Charger Grain Pro Dual USB 4.8A



Deskripsi Produk
Highly Polished Body
Dual-port 4.8A Output
Smart Chip Protection
Universal for 12V-24V Car Models

Rp. 100,000

Promo Bank

Transfer Disc. Rp. 20,000





Input DC

USB1 Output
5V = 2.4A Max

USB2 Output
5V = 2.4A Max

Total Output
5V = 4.8A Max

Mini appearance
Compact and exquisite, space-saving in the car

Polishing process on surface, it like ceramic

4.8A output

USB single port
is up to 2.4A (Max)
Support dual-port simultaneous charging

Smart chip protection

Intelligent charge management chip
To provide suitable current. More efficient and safe

for 12V-24V Car models

for car models such as cars, off-road vehicles, large trucks and so on


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